THE CREATOR Giorgio & Mario, the House of quality leather and fur apparel, was established in 1989 by its founder, Mario Rosa. From his earliest age, his love of leather and fur drove him to build up a French workshop renowned for its quality and cut. With a passion for style and a desire to push the boat out ever further, he succeeded through curiosity, a willingness to learn and to work his way up, over a period of many years, through the posts of garment technician, pattern-maker and designer.

THE BRAND This visionary designer, with an eye for the latest styles and always ahead of the game, decided to create his own, unique brand. A brand that lives up to the image envisioned by its creator. A creator unyielding in his choice of the highest quality leather and fur and attention to detail and finish. All of which give the Giorgio & Mario brand a unique quality recognised and stocked by the top shops in France.   “LA PARISIENNE” In 2007, Mario designed and launched the iconic model of his ‘ Parisian’ model. This model of jacket , in more than 25 colours, with its unique leather finish and style, triggered a devoted following, right from the start, for the Giorgio & Mario brand.

INNOVATION / INTERNATIONNAL DEVELOPPEMENT In 2009, Giorgio & Mario began to export and set up international fashion salons. As Mario Rosa’s clients became increasingly watchful for his latest designs, he was encouraged to explore new frontiers for his creations. He thus developed new techniques, using a mix of different materials and first rate accessories.

THE PRESS His collections were displayed in the top fashion stores allowing him to bring together the most beautiful of concepts from fashion stores across the globe. The Giorgio & Mario name is well recognised but they have nevertheless also collaborated with several other labels in order to produce private label collections in the best respected of French tradition.